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Angular is hosting a series of online interactive events with our community of early-stage enterprise tech founders.
These talks are designed to deliver practical startup advice in an easy-to-consume format - with plenty of opportunities to engage with our speakers.
Angular Insights: Lemonade - Building an Engineering Organization from Startup to IPO

June 23

Erez Dickman | Vice President of R&D at Lemonade

Please join us on June 23rd for our upcoming Angular Insights event, a short webinar led by Erez Dickman, Vice President of R&D at Lemonade, on building an engineering organization from startup to IPO.
Angular Insights #19: Leading People in a Time of Crisis

December 02

Kbc Picture April 2019 Pic 3 Kirsten Behncke Colyer
Kirsten Behncke Colyer | Chief Human Resources Officer at Visible Alpha

Short webinar on leading people in a time of crisis, led by Kirsten Behncke Colyer, Chief Human Resources Officer at Visible Alpha.

Having lived and worked through crises such as the tech bubble in 2000, 9/11, the financial bubble in 2008, a blackout in NYC, Hurricane Sandy, and lately the global pandemic, Kirsten Behncke Colyer helped guide the leadership teams at various tech companies through these crises to not just survive, but also thrive during those difficult times. During this session, Kirsten will cover what she learned from those experiences so that you can be prepared with empathy, a strategy, and tactical steps to handle all types of smaller and larger disasters.
20 Minute Leaders: Anne Blum | Head of Platform at Angular Ventures

October 29

Anne Blum Headshot 1 Square
Anne Blum | Head of Platform at Angular Ventures

Anne Blum, Angular Ventures' Head of Platform, was featured in the 20 Minute Leaders series, hosted by Michael Matias. In this session, she shared some startup and career insights based off her experiences working at Angular Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Facebook and on startup accelerator programs.
Angular Insights #18: The Blazemeter Story - Navigating to an Exit

October 28

Alon Pic Alon Girmonsky
Alon Girmonsky | CEO & Co-Founder of UP9, Former CEO & Founder of BlazeMeter

Short webinar on the Blazemeter story and navigating to an exit, led by Alon Girmonsky, CEO & Co-Founder of UP9, Former CEO & Founder of BlazeMeter.
Angular Insights #17: Hyper Growth

October 21

Pp Gaetan Gachet
Geatan Gachet | Chief Strategy Officer at Algolia

Short webinar on hyper growth, led by Geatan Gachet, Chief Strategy Officer at Algolia.
Angular Insights #16: Lessons Learned From Successful Operational Journeys at Datorama and CHEQ

October 14

Webpnet Resizeimage 3
Omri Tamir | COO at CHEQ, Formerly Datorama (acquired by Salesforce), Founder of ScaleUP NY

Short webinar, led by Omri Tamir, on lessons learned from successful operational journeys at Datorama and CHEQ.
Angular Insights #15: Updates in US Immigration Impacting Tech Founders

September 30

Jenifer 61
Jennifer Schear | Founding Partner at Schear Immigration Law Firm

Jennifer is the founder of Schear Immigration, a boutique immigration firm in Tel Aviv specializing in US business immigration law. She has helped countless entrepreneurs from around the world relocate to the US with special emphasis on the needs of tech companies in an ever-changing immigration environment. Jennifer will discuss the top trends and challenges facing US immigration during COVID-19 and beyond.
Angular Insights #14: Five Mistakes Slowing Your Growth

September 23

Guy Black And White Square
Guy Poreh | Former Head of Digital BBDO, Chief Innovation Officer at Silver + Partners, and Founder of Playground

As former Head of Digital for ad giant BBDO Tel Aviv, the Chief Innovation Officer at Silver + Partners in New York, and then Founder of Playground, Guy Poreh had the privilege of observing and working with hundreds of startups, from the ultra successful like Wix, HYPR (recently acquired) and Aquant to… those that aren’t around anymore.

In this session, Guy will go over the patterns he’s seen for what a startup needs to succeed, and the five mistakes nearly everyone makes that holds them back from growth.
Data Fest 2020: Gil Dibner, General Partner, Angular Ventures

September 18

Gil Dibner1
Gil Dibner | General Partner at Angular Ventures

In this video, Gil shares insights on selecting the right problem for a data science startup and ways to build a defensible business.
Angular Insights #13: Global from Day One - Successfully Selling SaaS to Micro SMBs

September 16

Henk Profile Blurred Backdrop Martin Henk Square
Martin Henk | Co-Founder of Pipedrive and Eventornado

Short webinar on successfully selling SaaS to micro SMBs with Martin Henk, Co-Founder of Pipedrive and Eventornado.
Angular Insights #12: Building your AI Stack In-House

September 09

0M4A0281 Micha Y Breakstone Square
Micha Breakstone | Co-Founder of

In this session, Micha Breakstone (PhD), Co-Founder of, will discuss how to think of the decision for building an AI-stack in-house, discussing pros and cons, and covering issues such as cost, precision, and privacy.
Angular Insights #11: Strategies for Bottoms-up B2B Growth

September 02

David David Peterson
David Peterson | Partnerships Lead at Airtable

As an early employee at Airtable, David Peterson has learned a few things about bottoms-up growth and the no-code space. In this session, David will discuss topics such as driving bottoms-up growth for a horizontal product with an ill-defined category, and leveraging no-code tools to empower early stage teams to move faster.
Angular Insights #10: The Four Trends Driving Enterprise Software Forward

July 29

Headshot Square 2
Bucky Moore | Partner at Kleiner Perkins

Short webinar led by Bucky Moore, Partner at Kleiner Perkins, on the four trends driving enterprise software forward, and how to align with them as a startup.
Angular Insights #9: Pitching Media Right Now

July 22

Screen Shot 2020 05 17 At 113903 Am Rebecca Bamberger
Beck Bamberger | CEO of BAM

While some companies are certainly struggling during the rise of coronavirus, some startups are being positively impacted and have encouraging, compelling, and unique stories to offer to the media. In this session with Beck Bamberger, CEO of BAM, an agency that works exclusively with startups and VC funds, you'll learn:

- case studies of startups garnering positive press in this unprecedented time
- tactics to pursue media coverage right now
- how to delicately message your pitches to media and secure stories
Angular Insights #8: Building an AI-Driven Startup

July 08

0M4A0281 Micha Y Breakstone Square
Micha Breakstone | Co-Founder of

Micha Breakstone (PhD) Co-Founder of will share thoughts and tips on building AI-driven startups, based on his experience across 4 startups and over 12 years. Discussion will include thoughts on the founding team, hiring PhDs, and the elements that make an AI-driven startups unique.
Angular Insights #7: The Future of Retail is Digital + Stores with a Soul

July 01

Smallest Square Headshot
Francesca Danzi | Former Chief Client Officer at Tory Burch

As former customer strategy and retail experience leader at Burberry and Tory Burch and founder of her customer experience and digital transformation consultancy, Francesca Danzi is well placed to speak about the future of retail and fashion.

In this session, Francesca will look at the new role that digital commerce and physical retail will play in a post-pandemic world and the new capabilities that brands will have to build to lead there. Key topics will be technology and analytics driven innovation, customer value creation, localization and new engagement models.
Angular Insights #6: Adapting to a Remote-First Sales Strategy

June 22

Roy Raanani Chorus Photo Roy Raanani Square
Roy Raanani | Co-Founder and President at

Webinar on adapting to a remote-first sales strategy with Roy Raanani, the Co-Founder and President of
Angular Insights #5: Monetizing an Open Source Project

June 17

Fred Simon Avatar Frederic Simon 1
Fred Simon | Co-founder and Chief Architect of JFrog

Artifactory was born as an OSS Project in Dec 2006. JFrog was founded in 2008 to monetize the success of this project. Over the years, some companies created huge commercial success out of OSS products, but many others failed. Fred will talk about what can break or make it.
Angular Insights #4: Breaking Into Your First Enterprise IT Account

June 16

Ed Headshot 2020 Closeup Ed Sim
Ed Sim | Founder and Managing Partner at boldstart ventures

As a day one investor in companies like Snyk, Kustomer, and BigID, Ed Sim, founder and Managing Partner at boldstart ventures, will share tips for closing your first enterprise IT account. This includes best ways to navigate into an organization, focusing on the pain, and why "partnering with" rather than "selling to" is the strategy to deploy.
Angular Insights #3: Enterprise Product Strategy

June 10

Vivek Saraswat | Investor at Mayfield Partners and former product leader at Docker, VMware, and AWS

As a former product leader at Docker, VMware, and AWS and current enterprise venture investor at Mayfield, Vivek Saraswat has learned a few things about product strategy. In this video, Vivek will dive into topics such as bottoms-up adoption, enterprise prioritization and monetization, and designing for your audience with empathy--interspersed with real world examples.
Angular Insights #2: Product Management

May 27

Pressphoto Jerry Dischler
Jerry Dischler | Vice President of Product Management for AdWords at Google

Reflecting on nearly 15 years of PM experience at Google, Jerry Dischler will share five top takeaways on effective product management and building an exceptional product team, including data analysis, gathering insights, the role of product management, and hiring new product managers.
Angular Insights #1: Startup Branding

May 13

12Dc60E Uri Baruchin 1
Uri Baruchin | Award winning creative strategist and branding expert

In this video, Uri Baruchin, an award winning creative strategist and branding expert, will share his learnings from working across B2C and B2B with both household names and early stage startups. Key branding topics will be covered in this webinar, including: how and when early stage startups should invest in their branding, naming, pivots and more.
The Family: A VC's View on Enterprise Sales

January 06

Gil Dibner13
Gil Dibner | General Partner at Angular Ventures

In this video, Gil Dibner shares his view on enterprise sales.
The Family: US Enterprise Sales with Gil Dibner & Gaetan Gachet

January 06

Pp Gaetan Gachet
Gil Dibner & Gaetan Gachet | GP at Angular Ventures & CSO at Algolia

This panel's purpose is to give you some tips about how to nail enterprise sales in the US. Adapting to other markets when coming from Europe makes the job even tougher, there are loads of things you need to keep in mind in order to perform there.