Female Founders Building Pain-Killers for Enterprises

Angular Insights episode on compliance tech and building painkillers. This special episode is co-led by Eynat Guez, CEO of Papaya Global, and Neta Meidav, CEO of Vault Platform.

Eynat is a leading expert in global payroll and global workforce management. She co-founded Papaya Global in 2016 after seeing the technology gap in global payroll. Last September, Papaya Global announced that its valuation has surged to $3.7B following its $250M Series D.

Neta is the co-founder and CEO of Vault Platform, a venture-backed startup with a mission to help companies worldwide become the best and most ethical versions of themselves. In 2021, Neta led Vault through an $8.2M Series A funding round, attracting high profile investors such as Gradient Ventures.

During their Insights session, Eynat and Neta focus on topics including:
- ComplianceTech GTM: what works and what doesn't work
- Selling into legal and compliance departments
- The cultural enablement ComplianceTech can provide
- Fundraising as a woman

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