Neta Meidav
Co-Founder & CEO
Vault Platform
Neta 0U5A2837
Neta is the co-founder and CEO of Vault Platform, a venture-backed startup with a mission to help companies worldwide become the best and most ethical versions of themselves.

Vault is transforming the way companies detect and manage internal risk, improve company culture and drive efficiencies through ethical operations. The platform empowers employees to have their voices heard and surface any ethical breaches, while providing employers with pioneering risk detection capabilities and unparalleled visibility of repeated patterns.

Prior to Vault, Neta worked for more than a decade in the UK Government as a climate change negotiator and participated in the Paris Climate Agreement. She is a graduate from Cambridge University and holds a Master's in International Relations.

As an entrepreneur splitting her time between London and Tel Aviv, juggling startup life and motherhood, Neta is fuelled by good coffee, good music and her Peloton bike. Alongside growing Vault, Neta is on a mission to promote female founders in tech and spends time coaching and helping her fellow female founders who are earlier on their journey.
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