Simon Ousager
Co-Founder & CEO
Simon Smaller
Simon is the co-founder and CEO of Januar.

He was the first non-technical hire at Chainalysis, where he started out as an account executive and ended up as Lead Training Specialist, training European FSAs & FIUs, the majority of the top 10 exchanges, as well as several well-known international banks and law enforcement entities all over the world.

Simon is thus one of the top experts on crypto currency technology and compliance. He founded Januar with a vision of making crypto available to businesses across Europe. Alongside building a great business, Simon is committed to building a great workplace, with room for employees to follow their professional passion and maintaining work-life balance.

Simon has previously founded a couple of companies, starting out with Stray Dog Games when he was right out of university. Later, he co-founded Paradigm Consulting, one of the first firms specialized in digital currency and blockchain technology.

His educational background is a BSc in Molecular Biology.
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